Alocasia Stingray 64cm

Plant (country of origin) : Alocasia Stingray 海芋屬 (The Netherlands)

Height : 64cm  (included the planter)

Planter : Classico color 18

Potting soil / pebbles from Germany


The Alocasia Stingray (海芋屬) has large, uniquely shaped leaves that resemble the wings and tail of its namesake. The distinctive, dappled colouring of the stem adds further interest.


If you are looking for something a little different then this wonderful plant should is one for you.


How to care:  

  • During the summer, you may need to water once or twice a week
  • In the winter, you can let the top 1 or 2 inches of the soil dry out before watering since your Alocasia most likely will not be in all-out growing mode.
  • Alocasia have a dormant period where leaves will fade and die so do not be alarmed when this happens. During this period, the plants will require less water, so simply moisten the soil from time to time.


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Alocasia Stingray 64cm