Bougainvillea 130 cm

Plant: Bougainvillea
Total: HK$1000.00 (x 2 pots)
Height: 130cm (including the planters)

To ensure that bougainvillea blooms abundantly, strategically put it at a location where it is exposed to the direct sunlight for at least 5-6 hours or more in a day. In winters, when you bring the pot indoors, place it at a
spot where it can receive an ample amount of light. Bougainvilleas are pretty drought tolerant and do not ask for frequent watering. It is always a good idea to water deeply when the topsoil goes dry, rather than shallow watering them frequently. In winter, when they go dormant, watering them once a week is enough. Bougainvilleas are known to have a nutritional deficiency.


Look out for:

  • Pale green leaves indicate nitrogen deficiency.
  • Leaves turning purple or red indicate a phosphorous deficiency.
  • Purple edges on leaves, with brown tips, indicate a potassium deficiency.
  • Twisted leaves indicate a zinc deficiency.
  • If your plant is young and goes wilting, it indicates calcium deficiency.

Bougainvillea 130 cm