Brockytony Clay Pebbles

Brockytony clay pebbles - A refreshingly colourful plant cover that gives your plants in the house and garden more colour and vitality.


  • Environmentally friendly colouring - Naturalness is important to us. For this reason we only use environmentally compatible colourants and dying additives and eco-friendly processes to dye brockytonys.


  • Decorative - brockytonys come in many trendy colours. An interesting decorative layer on the surface of the planter enhances your plant and fits perfectly with the environment. Colourful brockytonys give your plant a fresh and lively appearance.


  • Durable - The structure and colour of brockytonys blends in well with the environment and is preserved for a long time. The UV resistance is TÜV-tested. In wind and weather – brockytonys always look their best!


  • Sustainable - brockytonys are free from harmful germs which stops mould and pests around the roots. Your plant enjoys consistent good health and will express this with long-lasting bloom and freshness.


  • Moisture Retention - brockytonys layered over or between the potting soil hold the moisture in the pot and keep the plants watered for a long period of time. So save yourself the daily watering and arrange your green darlings however you want.


Made in Germany
Size: 8-16mm
dimensions bag: 29 x 17 x 5 cm
weight bag: ca. 900 g


*The price does not include plant, planter and shipping.


Brockytony Clay Pebbles