Cactus 84cm

Plant (country of origin) : Cactus 仙人掌 (The Netherlands)

Height : 84cm  (included the planter)

Planter : Cilindro color 23  

Potting soil / pebbles from Germany


Looking for a plant you don't have to water much? A cactus 仙人掌 might be your answer! Most cacti come from dryland areas and are used to being able to survive weeks without rainfall. Cactus houseplants have that same characteristic: Just give cacti a bright, sunny spot and you can enjoy the easy-care houseplants without a lot of tending.


With our Lechuza planter, no waterlogging, no dry spells - The water level indicator instantly shows you when your plants need water. Because the sub-irrigation system imitates nature so perfectly, your plants will flourish in LECHUZA. Thanks to the water reservoir they receive all the water they need for healthy growth.


Cactus thrive with good light sources, and it is best to place cactus in a bright place. A south facing position will provide good sunlight. However, be careful to not put them in direct sunlight because the intense light can make the plants turn a yellow colour. The optimum light depends on the variety of cactus that you are growing. In the growing season, the plants should be watered at least once a week. When watering, the soil should be given a good soaking, allowing excess water to drain away. Allow the compost to dry out slightly between each watering.

Cactus 84cm