Cactus 84cm

Plant (country of origin) : Cactus 仙人掌 (The Netherlands)

Height : 84cm  (included the planter)

Planter : Cilindro color 23  

Potting soil / pebbles from Germany


Looking for a plant you don't have to water much? A cactus 仙人掌 might be your answer! Most cacti come from dryland areas and are used to being able to survive weeks without rainfall. Cactus houseplants have that same characteristic: Just give cacti a bright, sunny spot and you can enjoy the easy-care houseplants without a lot of tending.


With our Lechuza planter, no waterlogging, no dry spells - The water level indicator instantly shows you when your plants need water. Because the sub-irrigation system imitates nature so perfectly, your plants will flourish in LECHUZA. Thanks to the water reservoir they receive all the water they need for healthy growth.

Cactus 84cm