Citrus Sinensis

Orange plants and other citrus plants can make a beautiful houseplant for your home. They bring brilliant colour and scent to your home, with the flowers and fruit they produce. As long as the basic factors are met, caring for a citrus plant is relatively easily. Follow our top tips on caring for a citrus plant to produce a healthy plant with some healthy fruit.


Citrus plants require a very similar watering regime as any other houseplant. In the winter, allow the soil to dry out between waterings, as they do not like overwatering. However, in the summer, they need to be watered more regularly.


Citrus plants do not need a lot of attention when it comes to pruning. If the plant has overcrowded branches, thin these out in February. Throughout the growing season, cut back the tallest branches to encourage bushy growth.


Plant :   Citrus Sinensis


Pot width :109cm

Height : 2.9m


<Since these trees are huge in size, special arrangements / handling are required for delivery so we regret no free delivery can be offered>

Citrus Sinensis