Dieffenbachia Classico 43
  • exposure for your Dieffenbachia is indirect light or even lowlight situations
  • apply a liquid houseplant fertilizer at 1/2 strength every 6 weeks to 2 months.


Item :  Dieffenbachia  (Indoor plant)

Height :  95cm

Unit price : HK$3300.00

Lechuza Classico 43


  • The Dieffenbachia has very thin leaves, which is a great indication that it doesn't do very well in very bright places. So the perfect light exposure for your Dieffenbachia is indirect light or even lowlight situations. It won't do well if it doesn't get any sunlight though, so make sure it still gets enough.
  • You know your plant is getting the perfect amount of sunlight when the leaves stay bright with wild patterns. As with the watering issues, your plant will also let you know if it's not getting the light it needs to thrive. If the leaves turn green, it's not getting enough sunlight and if they're turning yellow, it's getting too much sunlight. If you know you've watered your Dieffenbachia perfectly, but its leaves are still turning yellow, you'll know it's getting too much light.
  • Requires water once a week in winter. In summer the Dieffenbachia needs water twice a week.
  • Fertilizer is great for plants that grow very quickly and use a lot of energy to do so, like the Dieffenbachia. During the growing season, the spring and summer, you should fertilize your Dieffenbachia once per month. By doing this, you provide the plant with the nutrients it needs to grow so quickly. A general liquid fertilizer is the easiest option, because you can mix this with the water you're already giving it. However, you could also use fertilizer sticks or balls if you already have these.
  • The Dieffenbachia is mildly toxic to pets and small children when the leaves and stems are being chewed. Chewing this plant can cause irritation and a burning sensation. Luckily this is only temporary and the symptoms are only mild. It's still a good idea to keep this plant away from your pets and young children if you can. It's better to avoid this situation altogether.

Dieffenbachia Classico 43