Euonymus (Japonicus Bravo)

Euonymus are easy to grow and vary significantly in size depending on the variety. Euonymus prefer reasonably well-drained soil and will grow in sun and partial shade, although the variegated varieties do better with more sun. That said, as a tough evergreen, Euonymus will tolerate less than ideal soils, exposed areas, windy corners and a fair amount of shade. Euonymus require no real pruning or maintenance and are maintenance free. When it comes to picking the right spot to plant euonymus, the main thing you want to ensure is that it has adequate space. This will allow for proper air circulation and help to prevent diseases.


Plant : Euonymus

Price : HK$1000.00/pot

34cm pot width

140cm tall


Care :Tolerant of most soil, including dry, as long as it is fertile and well-drained. Elaeagnus prefer full sun, but evergreens grow well in partial shade as well.

Euonymus (Japonicus Bravo)