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Lechuza CARARO Planter

CARARO is perfectly suited for the design of dynamic spaces. As a green room divider, the large planter is perfect for delimiting or visually structuring rooms. For example, CARARO can be used to create work or rest areas that integrate harmoniously into the space.

Thanks to the included rollers, which are hidden in the base of the planter, there is always room for spontaneous redesign. If required, the 75 x 30 x 43 cm large planter can easily be rolled to the side.


The unique advantages

  • Sturdy room divider that is mobile thanks to rollers
  • Large plant volume for dense and tall plantings


Incl. CARARO rollers (2 pieces)

  • with sturdy rollers
  • mobile in two directions
  • makes CARARO mobile – without being seen


Dimensions & Capacity

Dimensions ~ (W x D x H)     : 75 x 30 x 42,5 cm

Water reservoir                     : 10 l

Plant volume                        : 52 l

Planter liner, dimension ~      : 69 x 23,5 cm

Planting depth                      : 27 cm

Plant height max.                  : 80 cm


*The price does not include plants. 

Lechuza CARARO Planter

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