Lechuza CASCADA Color 3-pc tower Planter

LECHUZA's CASCADA Color planter is an all-in-one wonder: It's a strawberry pot, herb garden, flower tower and, most importantly, it flexibly adapts to any environment. Its modular design lets you combine up to 3 individual planters to form a tower.


Many different combinations: CASCADA and CASCADINO can be used as single planters or as towers, and the CASCADINO also as a hanging planter.


Dimensions & Capacity

Dimensions ~ (W x D x H) Ø 49 x 124 cm
Water reservoir 3 x 8 l
Plant volume 3 x 19 l
Planting depth 17 cm
Plant height max. 30 cm


*The price does not include plants and shipping. 

Lechuza CASCADA Color 3-pc tower Planter