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Playmobil OJO Planter

Geobra Brandstätter’s LECHUZA and PLAYMOBIL brands are teaming up for an innovative collaboration. Introducing children to the world of plant care in a playful and original way, OJO is the first planter to be produced with a PLAYMOBIL design. Combining the strengths of both brands, this new planter features the LECHUZA irrigation system to support budding gardeners and existing fans. Plant care is now child’s play!

Features : 

  • OJO is the first planter to be produced with a PLAYMOBIL design
  • The smart LECHUZA irrigation system, children can learn how to care for their plants. Growing and caring for plants in a playful way
  • Special interactive eyes (If the interactive eyes are blue, this indicates that the water reservoir is full)
  • Dimension: 21 x 15.8cm


OJO, the innovative PLAYMOBIL friend for your plants, is available in 6 hair colours: ruby pink, apple green, aquamarine, ocean blue, fire red, and raven black. The all-in-one set includes the planter, special interactive eyes, and a stick irrigation system.


Dimensions & Capacity

Dimensions ~ (W x H)Ø 21 x 15,8 cm
Water reservoir0,25 l
Plant volumeGrowpot
Planter liner, dimension ~Ø 10-12 cm
Plant height max.20 cm


*The price does not include plants and shipping.

Playmobil OJO Planter

HK$420.00 Regular Price
HK$336.00Sale Price
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