TRIO Cottage is a versatile trough planter with interchangeable planter liners and an optional trellis that is not only perfect as a patio divider or privacy screen but also for growing your own fruits and vegetables. The optional TRIO pedestals are the perfect addition.


Available as an accessory: TRIO trellis with adjustable cross braces (TRIO 30 comes with three; TRIO 40 with four) and plant clips


Accessories: the optional TRIO pedestals are the perfect addition


Planter liner

  • sturdy carrying handles (patented)
  • easy transport even for tall plantings
  • can be exchanged on the spot and easily moved for winter storage
  • The TRIO 30 planter liner also fits in the CUBICO 30, the TRIO 40 planter liner also fits in the CUBE 40, CUBICO Alto and CUBICO 40.
  • drain plug: is removed to allow excess rainwater to drain when used outdoors


Available Accessories: Trellies

  • secure support for climbing plants, shrubs and vegetables
  • with adjustable cross braces (TRIO 30 comes with three; TRIO 40 with four) and plant clips
  • the optional TRIO trellis lets you create a green privacy screen in an instant


Available Accessories: Pedestals

  • aise TRIO 30 and 40 by 15 cm
  • available in two sizes for TRIO 30 and 40


Dimensions & Capacity

Dimensions ~ (W x D x H) 100 x 32,5 x 34,5 cm
Water reservoir 4 l (3x)
Plant volume 14 l (3x)
Planter liner, dimension ~ 25 x 25 cm (3x)
Planting depth 23 cm
Plant height max.

80 cm


*The price does not include plants.

Lechuza TRIO Cottage 30 Planter