Minigarden Vertical Set

Minigarden Vertical is manufactured in high-strength polypropylene copolymer and contains additives that provide UV protection, making it capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions (solar radiation and temperature).


Each module in the Minigarden Vertical system is composed of 3 types of easy-to-assembly components: a lid, circular clips and a container with 3 pockets. Additionally, the system includes a base plate to collect any runoff of drainage water.


Lack of space is no longer an excuse not to have a vegetable garden at home regardless of the type of building. With Minigarden Vertical, there’s always a place to grow plants! Installing Minigarden is easy – do it from the ground up or on any wall with Minigarden Wall Support.



1 set = 3 Modules + 18 Clips + 1 Tray


Available colour : Green , Black


Dimensions: 64,6 x 19 x 57 cm

Maximum Capacity: 36 lts

Recommended Capacity: 30 lts

Weight: 3.35 kgs


*The price does not include plants and shipping.

Minigarden Vertical Set

HK$690.00 Regular Price
HK$483.00Sale Price