Pachypodium Lamerei 48cm

Plant : Pachypodium Lamerei

Planter : Elho's planter
Pot width : 25cm
Height (included the planter) : 48cm


**This is a sun-loving houseplant so always pick the sunniest spot you have. They'll still do pretty well in bright conditions, but anything considered "medium" light or lower should be avoided.

**A common myth about succulents is that they don't need much water. It's true they will survive much longer than some other types of houseplants which have higher watering needs, but even the most resilient succulents won't thrive if you treat them this way.


Elho purposes to bring nature to the place that you call home. 70% of all the materials use comes from recycled plastic, created with nature in mind, made with own wind energy, 100% recyclable. A large majority of Elho products are designed and produced in Tilburg. And Elho planter with a natural look made of plastic: frost and UV-resistant, lightweight, unbreakable and easy to clean, makes planting more easy.


*The price does not include shipping.

Pachypodium Lamerei 48cm