Sansevieria Cylindrica 50cm

Plant (country of origin) : Sansevieria cylindrica silver nymph 虎尾蘭 (The Netherlands)

Height :50 cm  (included the planter)

Planter : Classico color 18

Potting soil / pebbles from Germany


Sansevieria cylindrica is popular as an ornamental plant as it is easy to culture and take care of in a home. Truly, they thrive on neglect. One exception to this rule: their pots must be well drained. Wipe the leaves with a damp cloth to keep them dust-free. Every leaf is tipped with narrow awl-shaped point and care should be taken not to damage it; a leaf with a broken tip will stop growing. The growth is relatively slow and plants last for many years.


How can I tell if I am overwatering/underwatering my Sansevieria?

With our Lechuza planter, you don't need to worry about this! With Lechuza planter, no waterlogging, no dry spells - The water level indicator instantly shows you when your plants need water. Because the sub-irrigation system imitates nature so perfectly, your plants will flourish in LECHUZA. Thanks to the water reservoir they receive all the water they need for healthy growth.


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Sansevieria Cylindrica 50cm