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DCM Organic Fertilisers

Made in Belgium.


DCM (De Ceuster Meststoffen) organic fertilizers make the difference. We offer a range of DCM organic fertilisers for professional and home use. Each one has different uses, and we can also apply them as part of a turf and tree management service.

The NPK- value alone is not a guarantee for a good fertilizer action. The secret lies in the knowledge and the biodiversity of the raw materials - MINIGRAN® technology - that are used to produce a balanced fertilizer.

Long-term Efficacy: 30-100 days.

MINIGRAN® technology is a fine dust-free, organic and organomineral microgranule​ formula. It contains cacao shell, grape seed meal, corn gluten meal, blood meal and bone meal. We offer many specialised formulas which are developed for your needs.


Because of their diameter of 1 to 2 mm, these small homogeneously composed granules can be spread evenly and accurately with all types of microgranulate spreaders.

DCM Vital green.png


  • 25 kg

  • Combines immediately absorbable and long-lasting organic nutrients

  • The immediate and continuous growth effect

  • Dense turf with good resistance to treading and drought and a deep green grass colour

DCM Vivsol.png


  • 25 kg

  • Organic soil improver with a base of meal of oil press-cakes derived from grape stones

  • Increases the water-holding capacity of the soil and improves the drainage of excessive rainwater

  • Stimulates the development of a rich and diverse soil life

  • For a better and deeper rooting and a stronger turf

  • Indispensable on fields subject to intensive treading and riding as well as on pitches with soils susceptible to slaking



  • 25 kg

  • Extra stimulation of the rooting

  • For a stronger turf and less playing damage due to intensive treading

  • When laying sods: good contact between the sod and the soil, enabling fast rooting

  • In goal areas: for quicker recovery and tillering of the turf in case of playing damage

  • High dry matter content (≥92%)

DCM antagon.png


  • 25 kg

  • Enriched mixed organic soil improver rich in organic matter      

  • Enriched organic soil improver - crumbs 

  • Wide range of organic raw materials

  • For the development of a rich and diverse soil life

  • Improves the soil structure (water retention capacity, drainage capacity...)

  • With a basic fertilizer NPK 4-3-2, of which the nitrogen is completely organically-bound

DCM Eco mix.png

Eco-Mix 4

  • 25 kg

  • Fertilizer formula with comparatively more potassium (K) than nitrogen (N)

  • The continuously steady growth of the grass

  • Turf with better resistance to drought and other stress factors 

DCM MIX 2.png


  • 25 kg

  • For flowering plants, shrubs, trees, roses, perennials, fruit trees, strawberries, fruiting vegetables, tuberous vegetables and to fertilize lawns in summer and in autumn …

  • Contains 4% magnesium (MgO) for deep green leaves

  • Extremely suitable for the sensitive roots of young plants

dcm green balance.jpg


  • 25 kg

  • compound organo-mineral fertiliser NK (Mg) 9-9 (2) with iron Fe and wetting agent

  • NK 9-9 + 2 MgO + Fe + wetting agent

  • Balanced NK fertilizer with magnesium and iron, specially formulated for greens and tees on golf courses

  • With INTRO®-effect: for optimal water management and a more efficient fertilization

  • Uniform growth thanks to the efficient distribution of the MINIGRAN® granules

  • Ideal for soils with sufficient phosphorus levels or when phosphorus fertilization is not desired

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