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In addition to the individual products that we sell, we also provide professional gardening and outdoor services. These will save you time, money, and ensure an excellent result.

If you are interested in any of our professional services, please contact us.  


Turf and Tree Management

Regular treatment is essential to the turfs of golf courses and garden lawns to maintain their healthy growth.

We provide many treatments 

including high-quality fertilisers and injecting air to loosen the compact soil using an aeration machine.

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Sports Ground Maintenance

To ensure the best looking grounds and the best sports performance, it is essential to regularly maintain sports grounds. 

We provide comprehensive sports ground maintenance services and tailor it to your space. 

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Garden Design and Build

With our premium products, and more than 500 varieties of shrubs, trees, climbers, conifers, palms, succulents, fruit trees and ornamental grasses, we will help you design your dream garden.

We adapt this service to your tastes and space.

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