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Lechuza Planters

If you are worried about how much to water your plants or forgetting to water them, we have the perfect planters for you! 

Lechuza has developed beautiful planters with built-in watering. They are perfect for your busy life!

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Ornamental Trees and Plants

Using our experience and knowledge, we will help you choose the best trees and plants for your space.


We will give you advice on how to care for your trees and plants, as well as deliver and plant your purchases. 



The canopies are ideal for outdoor events including car shows, golf courses, music concerts, product showcases and more. 

We have three models for you to choose from and they are easy to set up and put away.


KHW Joint Filler

KHW Joint Filler is very successful throughout Europe because it is so easy to use and long-lasting.

With our Immobest Ready Mix you will be able to create durable, clean and safe paving joints. It is perfect for a path, driveway or garden.  



With advanced hydraulics and Kubota & Yanmar engines, MultiOne is the best! 

These multifunctional articulated mini loaders have more than 170 attachments for agriculture, construction, property maintenance, landscaping and more! 

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Umbrosa Shading

We love the sun but it shines brightly and we must protect our skin too. 

The Umbrosa Shading is an elegant way to both enjoy being outside and in the shade. Perfect for your garden!


Compo Sana

The Compo Sana potting soil comes in many types depending on what you want to grow. We also sell Comp Lac Balsam and Compo Sana fertilisers. 

This combination will be perfect for you to grow healthy plants at home!



Ecobeach is a new self-propelled beach cleaner ideal for cleaning the beach and for cleaning several sandy areas, such as bunkers of the golf courses, riding stables, race tracks, playgrounds, beach volleyball courts, etc.



The Elho Grow Table and Grow House come in two colours and four sizes. Made from recycled plastic, they are an eco-friendly and practical way of growing plants at home!


This is also a very easy way of growing herbs or vegetables for your cooking. 


ZUWA Sprayer

With durable diaphragm pumps, ZUWA Sprayers can be used for plant protection, cultivation and fertilization.


There are different sizes of tanks with graduation marks that can be completely drained. 


Lacogreen Lawn Edge

Do you want to enhance your garden's design? 


Lacogreen lawn edge is highly flexible, easy to transport and fast to cut. It adapts to paths and lawns of any shape. 


MiniGarden Green Wall

The Minigarden planter is ideal for building green wall or vertical farming. You can use it to grow many different plants!

It is perfect indoors as part of interior design or outdoors in your landscaping. 

DCM Eco mix.png

DCM Professional Fertilisers

To best care for your turfs and trees, we offer a selection of premium European organic fertilisers.

We can apply them as part of the turf and tree management service, and we also have fertilisers for home use available in our online shop.

GRAD Rail system Caballo Living Picture1

GRAD Rail System



Your ideal terrace? Let’s build it together !


grad, the number 1 terrace supplier in France and a specialist in its entire product range (protective railings, outdoor installations) is ready to support you in the execution of your project.



The Easylawn Artificial Turf is more hygienic than normal grass, safe for children and pet-friendly.


Our grass products are suitable for different areas such as gardens, balconies and nurseries. 



The Mini Greenhouses by GrowCamp allow you to grow and eat your own vegetables all year round! 

They will also protect your plants from rain and insects too. 

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Lechuza Furniture

Specifically designed for outdoor use, all Lechuza furniture is water-resistant and very easy to clean. 

We offer two sizes of table and you can buy any number of chairs, which also come in a range of colours. We have the perfect set for your space!

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The Verdissimo preserved plants and flowers look beautifully natural but last much longer. 

The rosa preservada is a romantic long-lasting gift, and many green plants are perfect for offices!


Home Fertilisers

We offer a range of brands and types of fertilisers that are specifically for use at home.


Some are tailor-made for specific plants, such as herbs and citruses. You will find the perfect fertiliser to enrich your home gardening.

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