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Made in the Netherlands.

Not only are these premium products made from 100% recycled plastic, they are also made in a sustainable factory fulled by wind energy. These are eco-friendly, wonderful products to use at home because they are so practical and easy to use. 


The Elho Grow Table collection comes in a variety of colours and sizes, allowing you to find the perfect one for growing your own fruits, vegetables and herbs at home.

Green basics grow table super xxl living black/leaf green

  • Size: H 73.1 x W 58.1 x ⌀ 76.7 cm

  • Holds: 92 Litres 

  • Material: recycled plastic 

Green basics grow table xxl living black/leaf green

  • Provides 26.5 cm deep planting depth

  • Size: H 65.1 x W 36.5 x ⌀ 75.5 cm

  • Holds: 56 Litres 

  • Material: recycled plastic 

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