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DCM Organic Fertilisers are made in Belgium.

Compo Organic Fertilisers are made in Germany.

We offer a range of high quality solid and liquid organic fertilisers. Each one has different benefits, which you may choose depending on what plants you want to fertilise and where they are. We would love to answer any questions you have and advise on which fertilisers are the best for you!

DCM Organic Fertilizers


They are made from base materials: grape stones, coconut, cocoa shells, vinasse (sugar beet), hoof meal, bone meal, grape pulp, feather meal, sunflower seeds and tobacco meal.

The MINIGRAN Technology used has many advantages. It is a fine, dust-free, organic and organomineral microgranule.Because of their diameter of 1 to 2 mm, these small homogeneously composed granules can be spread evenly and accurately with all types of microgranulate spreaders​ These products have a long-term efficacy of 30-100 days. An excellent choice and easy to use at home!

We offer DCM fertilisers that are specially made for the plants that you are growing. They will ensure that your plants have the right nutrients and are able to flourish. We have special fertilisers for citruses, roses, shrubs and aromatic vegetables & plants.


These premium fertilisers include all necessary main and trace elements for healthy plant development. They have immediate effects of strengthening the resistibility and stimulating root growth. 

We offer one specifically designed for herbs and one for citrus. 


These premium organic fertilisers contain all main nutrients and valuable micro-nutrients. They will increase the growth of your plants and improve the quality of the fruits and flowers.


We offer four types specific to the plants that you are growing. They are for raised garden bed, rhododendron, balcony and potted plants, and tomatoes.

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