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Lechuza RONDO 40 Planter

The classic shape of the delicate RONDO planter shows off plants to their best advantage and puts them in the best light. Staged like sculptures, RONDO beautifies living and business spaces like green works of art. The plant insert with pantented handle makes it easier to replace and care for the plants in the usual LECHUZA quality.


The unique advantages:

  • Timeless, elegant design that matches the CLASSICO family of planters
  • Perfect shape for a variety of plants and interior layouts


Planter liner

  • recessed colour-coordinated frame handles (patented)
  • easy transport even for tall plantings
  • can be exchanged on the spot
  • easily moved for space-saving winter storage


Dimensions & Capacity

Dimensions ~ (W x H)       : Ø 40 x 75 cm

Water reservoir                 : 5,6 l

Plant volume                    : 22 l

Planter liner, dimension ~ : Ø 33,5 cm

Planting depth                  : 26,5 cm

Plant height max.             : 100 cm


*The price does not include plants


Lechuza RONDO 40 Planter

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