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Exclusively from Europe. 

All of our ornamental trees and plants are from Europe. They are ordered based on seasonality and delivered to us directly. We have many photos of the ornamental plants and trees we have sold in the past, but contact us if you are interested, especially if you have specific requests. 

Please also visit Le Jardin to see the ornamental trees and plants we have in stock. You can buy them immediately and we can give you advice on how to care for them.


Maximum height attained: 6 - 8 m

Maximum diameter attained: 2.5 - 3 m

Hardiness Zone: 9

Growth rate: Very fast

Sun exposure: Full sun/Partial shade

Country of Origin: Europe


Conifer with a narrow conical habit when young, and when it is older the base spreads out. Upright, dense branching, reddish-brown stem, very resinous.

Leaves: evergreen, bright golden yellow, in spring it is the brightest yellow of all conifers. In autumn there are bright orange shades to the foliage. When the leaves are rubbed they give off a pleasant smell of lemon.

Grows in all normal soils, even dry. Tolerates maritime exposure as long as it is protected from strong winds.

Will also grow indoors. The root system grows rapidly like the crown and therefore needs to be well watered. Withstands hard pruning and is one of the best plants for topiary.




Maximum height attained: 18 - 22 m

Maximum diameter attained: 2.5 - 3 m

Hardiness zone: 8

Growth rate: Fast

Sun exposure: Full sun/Partial shade

Country of Origin: Italy


Conifer with columnar, narrow, tapering and compact habit, bright green.

Flowers: monoecious conifer with male and female flowers arranged in yellowish strobiles at the ends of the branchlets.

Fruit: round, 2-3 cm wide, shiny green at first and greyish-brown when ripe (ripening occurs every two years). Deep roots in the first years which later spread out superficially, consequently in areas where there are strong winds a sheltered position is recommended.

As regards soil, there are no special requirements as it grows well in clay, calcareous, compact, poor and dry soil. Tolerant of maritime climate if protected by a screen. Its unique outline is best preserved by light but constant pruning.




Maximum height attained: 8 - 10 m

Maximum diameter attained: 1.5 - 2 m

Hardiness zone: 8

Growth rate: Medium

Sun exposure: Full sun/Partial shade 

Country of Origin: Europe

The "Totem" is similar to Cupressus sempervirens "Pyramidalis" with the following differences:

- slower growth
- more compact habit
- finer twigs and brighter green needles
- practically no fruit





Maximum height attained: 6 - 8 m

Maximum diameter attained: 4 - 5 m

Hardiness zone: 9

Growth rate: Medium

Sun exposure: Full sun

Country of Origin: Mediterranean basin



One of the longest living evergreen trees (up to 2000 years) which very slowly grows to the height of 9m with a width of 5 - 7m, even wider if it has enough space. When the plant is young the trunk is straight and covered in a smooth, silvery-grey bark. Later the trunk becomes twisted, knobbly, dark and often with cavities.

Leaves: evergreen, opposite, leathery, oval or narrowly oval, glaucous green and smooth on the upper surface, paler and covered in a silvery tomentum on the underside.

Flowers: they open from April to June and are white, not very showy but fragrant, joined in clusters at the leaf axil.

Fruit (Olives): botanically speaking they are ovoidal drupes which contain one seed (the stone), they are green and turn black when they ripen in autumn. Olive oil is produced by pressing the olives.

Cultivation: the Olive tree loves the sun and does not like excessive moisture. It requires deep, dry, permeable soil, if possible a south-facing position protected from strong winds. Tolerates drought. Hardiness: botanists place it in Zone 9 but experience has taught us that in the last 20 years the Olive tree can withstand temperatures of -7/-10C, more or less occasional, without suffering damage.

Olive tree with a pyramidal habit that looks like a Cupressus tree. Upright branches, very close together. Evergreen leaves, lanceolate, narrow, 4-6 cm long, 1 cm wide, vivid green on the upper side, silvery on the underside. Fragrant white flowers, followed by ovoidal fruit, medium-sized, reddish-blue when ripe, very good for olive oil. Withstands strong winds. Recommended for ornamental hedges. Can also be formed into a standard tree.


Please enjoy our gallery of plant photos. We sell all these plants as well as an extensive collection of planters, fertilisers and other equipment which you can purchase alongside. 

We recommend that you send us an enquiry or visit us at Le Jardin to discuss which plants and equipment go well together. We are also happy to offer advice about how to best care for our plants!

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