With advanced hydraulics, Italian design and Kubota & Yanmar power plants, multifunctional articulated mini loaders with more than 170 attachments for

the green care, agriculture, construction, property maintenance, landscaping and many other applications! 


MultiOne General Bucket

Features & Benefits 

  • Smart Design 

  • Heavy Duty construction

  • Cutting edge designed for bolt on teeth

MultiOne Multipurpose Bucket

Features & Benefits 

  • Heavy Duty construction

  • Hydraulic locking valve for load holding

  • Increased dumping height

  • Multiple functions: digging, dozing, grading, grappling, and dumping

MultiOne Grapple Bucket

Features & Benefits 

  • Smart design

  • Heavy Duty construction

  • Easily controlled hydraulic grapple

MultiOne Pallet Fork with side shift

Features & Benefits

  • Designed to work in tight areas or along narrow aisles

  • Safely controlled side shift from the driver’s position

MultiOne Heavy Duty Silage Fork

Features & Benefits 

  • Heavy duty frame

  • Versatile and efficient

  • Replaceable teeth

MultiOne Trencher

Features & Benefits 

  • Slide equipped for easy dept control

  • High quality trenching

MultiOne Mini Digger

Features & Benefits 

  • Easy to use

  • Effective and useful

MultiOne Hydraulic Breaker

Features & Benefits 

  • True hydraulic hammer operating cycle

  • Low recoil

  • High power-to-weight ratio

MultiOne Sweeper

Features & Benefits 

  • Powerful sweeper for larger areas

  • Side brush available

  • Water spraying to reduce dust

MultiOne Flail Mower With Side Shift

Features & Benefits 

  • Hydraulic side shift and angle control flail mower

  • Powerful attachment

MultiOne Side Flail Mower

Features & Benefits 

  • Excellent visibility to the whole working area

  • Compact with long reach capabilities

MultiOne Lawn Mower

Features & Benefits 

  • Mulching kit available

  • Equipped with safety stop valve

MultiOne Tornado Lawn Mower

Features & Benefits 

  • Powerful lawn mower with internal clipping catcher

  • Can also be used to collect tree leaves on lawns

MultiOne Sickle Bar Mower

Features & Benefits 

  • Compact dimensions

  • Cost effective

  • Fast

MultiOne Spike Aerator

Features & Benefits 

  • Quick and efficient operation

  • Suitable for sandy or loamy soils

MultiOne Core Aerator

Features & Benefits 

  • Holes stay open for a long time

  • Suitable for heavy clay soils

MultiOne Hedge Cutter

Features & Benefits 

  • Cut angle electrically adjustable

  • Time saving attachment

  • Very high cutting quality

  • Cutting bar is suitable for cutting fine leaves, as well as heavy growth

MultiOne Double Blades Hedge Trimmer

Features & Benefits 

  • Dual cutting action saves time

  • Completely adjustable

  • Easy to control

MultiOne Vase Clamp

Features & Benefits 

  • The easiest way to lift and transport potted or balled plants, trees, barrels, and more without causing damage

  • Excellent tool for nurseries and landscapers

MultiOne Stump Grinder

Features & Benefits 

  • Excellent visibility to the cutting area

  • Cuts large stumps without repositioning

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