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Turf and Tree Management

Do you have turf or trees that need care? Look no further! We provide professional services to make sure your turf and trees are as healthy as possible.

Please see below the services that we offer and contact us if you are interested. We provide professional services tailored to your space and needs. We look forward to working with you!

Trunk Removal

Trees_and_trunk removal + management by Caballo Living.JPG
Trees_and_trunk_removal + management by Caballo Living.JPG

We also provide Tree Felling Services (the process of cutting down and uprooting a tree.

We have an expert team to handle / determine how a tree should be cut and removed. Please call us should you be interested in our services !

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We provide professional sports ground maintenance services to ensure that the turf stays healthy and is the best for athletes. 


We are experienced in injecting air into compressed soil, as well as watering and other services.




Using our range of premium European fertilisers, we can help you keep the healthy growth of your turf. 


We offer a range of fertilisers depending on your turf, trees and needs.

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